Jets QB Situation Called "Farcical" and "Charade." The 2013 Season is Officially Underway



NY Daily NewsThe Jets’ farcical quarterback competition will conclude Saturday night with rookie Geno Smith needing two turnover-free quarters to secure a job that many people in the organization want him to win. .. General manager John Idzik’s… “fair and open” competition has been a charade from Day One, complete with organizational shenanigans (including changing the rules along the way) designed to help Smith. Coach Idzik, who undercut Ryan by oddly proclaiming at the outset of training camp that he’d have a “pretty big role” in deciding the Week 1 starting quarterback, should have just given Smith the job from the beginning. Idzik & Co. need to properly evaluate the rookie this season before determining whether the Jets need to draft a quarterback in 2014… However, the team needlessly and unconvincingly put on a four-month show that led us to think Sanchez had just as much of a chance as Smith to be the Week 1 starter. Smith was never truly competing against Sanchez. He was competing against time.

Holy schneikies.  We haven’t even played Game 3 of preseason fauxball and the Jets are already coming in hot.  “Farcical quarterback competitions.” “Charades.” “Organizational shenanigans.” A buttinski GM meddling in the personnel moves of a lame duck coach. Lying to the public. Most of all, the idea that they’ve already got to think about drafting their franchise QB for the third time in five years.  Christ, these guys are already in midseason form, and I’m just not ready for them.  I mean, here I am, still thinking it’s summer.  Out of shape, half drunk on Sam Adams Summer, listening to the Jimmy Buffett Pandora station and greasy with sun block, totally unprepared to handle the rigors of belittling the Jets.  It’s a full time job, but this is the business we’ve chosen.  So thanks, John Idzik.  This is the wake up call I needed.  The Jets are going to do big, silly, headline-grabbing ridiculous things this year, and I can’t miss a second.  It’s back to work starting now.  @JerryThornton1