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Russian Dude Sitting In The Crowd Accepts MMA Fight With 42 Seconds To Prepare, Promptly KOs The Other Dude


(Story and the very poorly transcribed Russian dialogue here. Fight starts around 2:45)


As impressive as it is for Dmitry to come out of the crowd and end the fight in 23 seconds, this is clearly a case of Max losing the fight rather than Dmitry winning it. I don’t know much about MMA. I have no idea what the rules are and the only time I’ve done a reverse naked choke is when I’m laying in my bed at night looking at PornHub. But here’s what I do know: if you go out there with hair covering your face, looking like an Affliction wearing Cousin It, then you’re going to get knocked out every time. I knew it was coming the second he pushed his hair back for the first time. There was no doubt about it. If you fight blind, you will lose. I don’t care if you’ve got the beautiful locks of Thor, put that shit in a ponytail or you’re going to catch your opponent’s hammer upside the head. “Look good, play good” doesn’t really translate to combat.



h/t Tim