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The 49ers Narrowly Beat The Saints To Wrap Up An Instant Classic

Very possible we just saw Part 1 of this matchup this season. It would surprise exactly zero people if Part 2 came in the NFC Championship. And maybe it should, because that was an epic battle from the jump and never let up. The Saints got the ball on the opening drive and marched down the field to little resistance from the 49ers. Then the 49ers instantly answered and back and forth we went. For two of the better defenses in football, there wasn’t a whole helluva lot of it on display. 94 total points, both quarterbacks completed better than 72% of their passes, hell even Emmanuel Sanders threw a touchdown. If the Saints don’t go for the early 2-point conversion, or the fake punt that taught all of America that interference is legal as hell on fake punt passes, maybe the Saints win this one. Or if George Kittle didn’t go full Juggernaut on that last possession, that would have helped New Orleans cause, too. But regardless of the outcome, that was an instant classic in every sense of the phrase. And I certainly would not complain if we got to see that one again with a trip to Miami on the line.