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How Are YOU Getting Ready For NFL Sunday? Week 14 is Here.

It’s Week 14, and unfortunately, things are going to start winding down soon. But for a lot of teams in the NFL, there is still so much at stake. That includes the Baffalo Bills, who are sitting nicely in one of the Wild Card spots right now. Mr. Commenter wants to ensure the team from Western NY doesn’t get ahead of itself, though.

I’m a Heinz guy myself. Think they are going a little too far though with all these new sauce mixtures. Should probably take a chill pill on the “Mayochup” and other weird inventions like that.

Never thought we would see today’s Eagles-Giants game being compared to David vs. Goliath, especially with Eli back under center for the G-Men. But here we are. Who knows what will happen.

When Happy visited his grandma at the retirement home it had to be one of the more depressing scenes in a sports movie. Ben Stiller was a big time bully and nobody even knew about it.

Unfortunately, that’s the way it goes in the biz. The show ALWAYS must go on. However in this case, it’s Charlotte, and not San Diego involved in losing Ron.

I’ll admit, I had to look this one up. But the AWL’s seemed to think this has been one of the best responses to Mr. Commenter’s NFL Sunday tweets all year, so as always, you got to give the people what they want.