Stop The Presses! NSYNC To Re-Unite At The VMAs!


(USA)Oh ladies! Reports are ablaze that Justin Timberlake is getting the band back together, as in NSync. If memory is a little fuzzy that’s Justin, J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick, together again at the MTV VMAs. Brett S. Vergara, a former intern at MTV, tweeted about it this morning. Reunion rumors have popped up since the band broke up in in 2002, and it sounds like Timberlake, who once said that possibility is ‘not in the cards,’ has finally relented. It’s just for one performance, but we’ll take it.


The 90’s just came all over the fucking place! If you don’t think this is huge news then you’re fucking gay. That’s it, plain and simple. I said it when I was in third grade and I’ll say it now: anyone who has to pretend to be so macho to say they hate NSYNC is just gay. They put out fucking bangers. Tearin Up My Heart, Bye Bye Bye, Pop, It’s Gonna Be Me, I Want You Back, Girlfriend, Here We Go… Bangers! All of em the hottest fire imaginable! So if you want to say this isn’t the biggest news of the day that’s fine. Go to the gym and lift a million weights while you talk about how many chicks you slam and how much you think NSYNC sucks. No one will think you’re overcompensating.