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KFC DVR: True Detective Hysteria

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So most of you guys know I’m a bit of a TV junkie and that I’ve been planning on trying to do a television oriented podcast. Not since Breaking Bad has a show really grabbed me enough to do some podcasting and blogging about it the way True Detective has. So I figure its the perfect series to dive into a TV podcast. I’m thinking about calling it Barstool DVR or KFC DVR or something to that effect. You know, like you can pause, rewind, rewatch and analyze a show with your DVR the same way we’ll be doing on the podcast.

So this is the first episode of that. Me, Feits and Puerto Rican Puff Daddy get you all caught up to speed on the first 6 episodes. We talk about the unique format of the show (did you know its an anthology series!?), the dual timelines, McConaughey absolutely crushing it, the smokes, and the overall hysteria around this show on various websites like Reddit. We talked about some of the possible theories and outcomes all the maniac diehards are coming up with. Sets the table nicely for a couple more podcasts for the last 2 episodes of the series/season, and third edition to react to the finale. So it’ll be a couple more True Detective centered shows and then maybe we’ll branch out into other shows (House of Cards, The Americans, Game of Thrones etc etc) I’m just kinda making it up as we go.