Thursday Afternoon MailTime Mailbox

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Hot dogs are on the grill! Who wants spicy mustard?? Another edition of the MailTime MailBox where we take any questions, comments and stories from all the KFC Radio listeners. The first 60 minutes of this month’s Mailbox is free, the 2nd hour is available for all premium subscribers. If you want access to the second half of the Mailbox, as well as 6 other premium episodes and access to the entire KFC Radio library of shows, click here to sign up. One dollar a month for a several extra hours of avoiding work each month.

This week’s Mailbox features probably the funniest story/moment in the short history of Mailtime. An absolutely gem of a tale about a virgin in college in the Deep South getting laid for the first time. The punchline to this story was absolutely other worldly funny. Legitimately left me in tears trying to read it out loud on the air. Don’t miss it.