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Blake Snell Seems Thrilled About The Late Night Rays Trade: "We Gave Up Pham for Renfroe and a Damn Slap Dick Prospect"

So we've got ourselves a little early morning baseball trade on the morning of December 6th. Tampa's Tommy Pham is headed to San Diego in exchange for Hunter Renfroe and infield prospect Xavier Edwards. Let's go live to Blake Snell who is live streaming some video game to get his rapid thoughts. Blake down to you...

"We gave up Pham for Renfroe and a damn slap dick prospect??"

Well then...

Please give me a live shot of Blake Snell and Xavier Edwards, aka slapdick prospect, meeting each other for the first time. That should go swell! If Edwards doesn't introduce himself as Slapdick to Blake then he's no longer a top prospect in my eyes.

The MLB stove is hot!! We've got movement!!!