Mail Time Hall Of Fame Nominee: ESPN Graphics Department Goes 0 For 4 With 'NBA Friday' Team Logos

LOVE this move. ESPN just doesn't give a single fuck anymore. NBA TV ratings are down so who gives a shit who's actually playing on NBA Friday? 30 NBA teams and we need to promote four of them. Okay might as well guess and then head on home in time for dinner since no one will be paying attention. No sweat. Piece of cake. 

You do have to give the graphics department some credit because they nailed the team names. The logos, however, were just too much to ask for. Mail time city in full effect as we enter the month of December. Everyone is looking right down the barrel at Christmas break after getting some time off for Thanksgiving. We're almost there folks. Just have to pretend like you're doing your job for two more weeks and we're home. 

Tin foil hat time: We're talking about ESPN NBA Friday right now more than we have at any point this season so far. I now know the Celtics and Nuggets are actually playing tomorrow followed by Lakers Blazers. Wouldn't have had clue in the world had this graphics person done their job. My brain has been incepted by someone's incompetency. Dammit.