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Do I Need To Challenge KSI To Rough N' Rowdy To Get About A Billion Dollars For Barstool Sports?

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Maybe. Just maybe. It would be the definition of a Win-Win-Win. A win for Barstool to get a billion views and/or dollars. A win for KSI to beat on some fresh light meat. And a win for myself to not only help the company and Presidente I so adore, but a nice 6-month coma nap seems very delightful at this point in my life. Like I said: Win-Win-Win. Let’s dance, KSI.

At least he’d be facing an undefeated fighter for once (fake shots fired at Logan Paul in jest, I don’t want to, get murdered both online by a trillion tweens and possibly in real life by his fists – PLEASE).

Until then, myself and KSI pick up the sticks. Let’s hope he fares better than the peasants around these parts.