Matt Brown Allowed To Run In The NYC Marathon




BOSTONA Norwood teen who suffered a broken neck during a hockey game in 2010 will be allowed to race in the New York City Marathon. Race officials initially told Matt Brown that he wouldn’t be allowed to enter the race. Brown is a quadriplegic and has participated in several other marathons with friend Lucas Carr pushing him in a three-wheel chair. WBZ reported that race officials said only those that could propel themselves are allowed in the race. On Thursday, race officials said that Brown would, in fact, be allowed to enter. “NYRR is allowing Mr. Carr and Matt Brown in the race this year given our special efforts to recognize and show solidarity with Boston,” said race officials. “We are working on details on how best to accommodate them and ensure the safest and best race for all of the more than 45,000 participants.”


Well that was easy. Nice work, New York Marathon. You came to the right decision. Probably could have done without you referencing the Boston Marathon and claiming that “solidarity” was the reason and instead just said, “It’s common sense, really. We are idiots and fucked that one up big time.” But whatever, at least you got it right. All it took was the constant harassment of a huge website, its followers and an NHL athlete to show how horribly misguided you were to deny a paralyzed kid and his veteran friend the ability to run in your marathon.


Nonetheless, Matty give me the happy dance!