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OKCupid Study Discovers That Men Are More Interested In Chicks Who Cheat

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First of all, I hear about OKCupid a lot but don’t really know much about it. It’s basically, right? No one who is looking for a legitimate relationship goes on a website called OKCupid. They can’t.


But anyway, no shit guys like chicks who cheat. If a chick is willing to cheat then you get the sex part without the boyfriend part. You get the doggy style without the dinner. That’s called a win-win. If a chick is wants to use you as a dildo with a pulse while keeping her boyfriend to do the “listening to her talk about her day” portion, then you’ve struck gold. You contact her non-stop like you’re trying to win a radio call-in prize. If she’s willing to throw her morals out the window then you’re damn right I’ll be waiting to catch her. Any guy would be a fool not too.