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We Have a Problem: There is a New Version of 'Christmas in Dixie' and I Think It's Better Than Alabama's

So as I’m sitting here doing my usual work stuff, I obviously have every Christmas playlist Spotify can possibly offer playing. Today, I came across a cover of my favorite Christmas song, Christmas in Dixie. Now I should say, I absolutely love this song. It takes every ounce of my willpower to not listen to it until Black Friday — that’s the rule; if you listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, you are the problem.

Of course, the original song is by Alabama, an iconic group. But the version I heard today is by a relatively new country group called Temecula Road. I think I’ve seen their name pop up a time or two, but I wasn’t really familiar with their work.

Well let me tell y’all, I listened to this song and at the conclusion I had a feeling of guilt. I felt guilty because I’m pretty sure these young whippersnappers just made a better version of Christmas in Dixie than Alabama did.

I went back and listened to the original version and then back to the new one, and I just can’t revert my brain back to the old ways of 30 minutes ago. These kids’ version is better. This is the biggest Christmas revelation in my life since I found out Santa isn’t real. It has shaken my yuletide spirit to its core.

I’m still not okay with myself thinking this. I don’t know what to do — other than listen to Temecula Road for the rest of the day.