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Cuonzo Martin Lost to Charleston Southern and Tennessee Fans Were Right Again

Well, last night was a tough one for much of the national media. While most people tuned in to college basketball were watching Michigan-Louisville and Duke-Michigan State, Missouri lost at home as 26-point favorites to Charleston Southern.

This was a particularly devastating loss for many members of the national media who have repeatedly lauded Cuonzo Martin as the greatest coach in college basketball. Many of these media members have had a vendetta against Tennessee fans who thought the program could do better than Martin and made their displeasure well-known to the point that Martin left Knoxville for the Cal job. It should also be noted Tennessee fans wanted Martin gone specifically to get Bruce Pearl back, who just went to a Final Four with Auburn.

Martin had, in his last year, ended up in the Sweet 16 thanks to a Duke loss to Mercer, which fueled the media's hate streak against Tennessee fans. Many pulled no punches, essentially saying everything they could without flat-out calling Tennessee fans racists -- although some did that, too. And then when Rick Barnes was hired, they were all certain that wasn't going to work.

And we all see hwo those moves have turned out. It's honestly exhausting being right every single time. Martin flamed out at Cal and has done nothing in his several years at Missouri. Meanwhile, Barnes has the Vols rolling and is bringing in the best recruiting class in school history next season.

The Martin fiasco was still fresh in the media's collective consciousness when the infamous football coaching search of 2017 occurred, when Vols fans refused to accept the mediocre coaching stylings of Greg Schiano, which prompted another Yahoo- and Fox-led mob railing against Tennessee. And the Vols ended up with Jeremy Pruitt, who has a chance to win eight games in his second year after a disastrous start and will receive votes for SEC Coach of the Year.

I wish Cuonzo the best -- I really do. I just wonder when the pearl-clutching national media will realize the next time something like this happens in Knoxville, we're probably going to be right again.