A 'Pig Bomb' of SIX MILLION Feral Hogs Invading the US and Now is the Perfect Time to Panic

SourceA research scientist believes the US is in the middle of a ‘Pig Bomb’ – where feral hogs are increasing in huge numbers.

Dr. Jack Mayer, a zoologist whose been researching wild pigs for 40 years, has warned that the population could keep growing unless there is a swine flu epidemic.

His comments come just a week after a caregiver was mauled to death by wild hogs in Texas.

Christine Rollins, 59, was attacked and killed outside the home of the elderly couple she was looking after in what the local sheriff described as ‘one of the worst things he has seen’.

It’s unclear what provoked the attack by multiple animals, by Mayer claims that deadly wild hog attacks are more common than shark confrontations.

They are responsible for six a year on average, ‘but you never read about them’ he said.

‘It’s a crazy situation with everything that’s happened in what I call the Pig Bomb, which has exploded in North America,’ Jack Mayer told The Daily Beast about the wild population of six million and two million in Texas alone.

I get that the subject of international borders is a hot button topic. And any time you bring it up, you’re opening yourself up to Whataboutism. Why are you bringing that up when we’ve got starving children? Veterans who can’t get medical care? China? Interference in our elections? Impeachment? Climate Change? Whatever.

Well if ever there was an issue that should cut across the political divide and unite us all to address it forthwith, it’s a frigging PIG BOMB. Six million feral animals more deadly than sharks are about to stream across our borders and have already killed this poor woman – a caretaker for an elderly couple, no less, and they don’t get any kinder and more deserving of our sympathy – and no one’s talking about it. Our leaders sit around with their thumbs in their mouths, talking to each other about inconsequential nonsense. And, in the words of Matt Hooper, won’t address this particular problem until it runs up and bites them in the ass!

I mean, how big does a Pig Bomb have to become before we make it our national priority? Before we come together as a nation and mobilize. Send out the National Guard. Lay traps. Get our hunters and BBQ enthusiasts with their smokers down to the border and turn these foul creatures into food before they do it to us?

I suppose you yell “pig,” and people say “Huh? Wha?” They think Peppa Pig and Miss Piggy and The Three Little Pigs and maybe the one that says “Oink” in the See ‘n Say they had when they were kids and think it’s no big deal. But you yell “Feral Hogs,” and we should have a panic on our hands. Which is exactly what we need right now.

These aren’t the cute ones you see in cartoons and on the signs of smokehouse restaurants along the highway. These are the kind that Gary Oldman tried to feed Anthony Hopkins to in “Hannibal.” The scene that inspired Cartman to try to train a pony to bite Scott Tenorman’s weiner off in the best “South Park” ever:

Only these things are infinitely more dangerous.

I’m sincerely sorry for the people down South who have already suffered because of these things and I pray for the millions more who are about to be under the threat of them. And I take no consolation in being a thousand miles away and safe. For now. Jack Mayer is that scientist trying to warn the politicians about how real the threat is and I for one am listening. How many more must die, I ask you. How many more???