Best Buy Manager Hops On Counter, 'Stone Colds' Energy Drinks To Hype Up Employees During Holiday Rush

For a bit of context, here's the message from the original poster (ig: Lebennygram) when he sent it in to Barstool:

"We always have a prep meeting before Black Friday to hype everyone up. The person leading the meeting is a big fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin so he Stone-Cold-Austin'd the Monster drinks! And yes they were Monster energy drinks. Not alcohol ::laughing emoji here:: "

Today I reached out to him with some questions for a few more details:

Our military podcast here (@ZeroBlog30) said your manager has got to be a military veteran. (RE: vet-beard, tattoos, chugging skills.) Is he?

As far as I know he has not served. But he loves that style. He is a beard lover for sure.

Did Best Buy upper-management reach out? Are they upset or do they like the video & are happy to see him hyping his team up?

Most of the managers and supervisors that have seen the video absolutely love it. And we want to make more videos in the store.

The employees seemed to really love it, too. Does he do stuff like that all the time?

Yes. He is one of our team leaders and he really knows how to get us hyped up and excited. Very likable person! Everyone loves him!

Is he pumped to be going viral?

Haven't actually talked to him since it has gone viral. But some coworkers let him know and from what I know he's excited to see where it goes. 

Was that a mess to clean up?

That was actually really funny.. That video took place about 10 minutes before we opened [Black Friday] so right when he walked away, 4 of us quickly cleaned it up with rags and towels we had out beforehand. We were prepared!

Where is this store located?

Tupelo, Mississippi

When I discovered this last small detail about the location I went to ask Brandon Walker if he'd ever been to that specific store in his old home state. Small world - Turns out that was the Best Buy he went to for a background TV when he first started working at Barstool. ("The first one was cracked. It was a whole big thing. Had to go up three levels of management." - Brandon)

(I'm guessing if this energy drink chugging manager had been on the job, things would have been fixed up right-quick.)

Either way, it's rare to see a manager who can actually get employees excited without people rolling their eyes, and whatever you think of it, watching that video back there's no denying this guy has that ability. It's hard enough in an office setting, but especially impressive in the retail realm during the holidays. God speed to all slogging through it.