I Don't Know How Stan Bowman Makes It To 2020

It’s enough already. I am tired of writing this blog so I need the Blackhawks to do everyone a solid and just pull the trigger. Rocky Wirtz hinted at changes in summer 2018 if the Blackhawks got off to a bad start. That change was to fire Joel Quenneville. Since then things have gotten worse and it feels like the Blackhawks are heading towards rock bottom. Rocky let Stan and John have their way, they won the power struggle, it didn’t work out, now they have to be held accountable.

There is a lot of talk, from myself included, that the Blackhawks are a roller coast. That it’s hard to tell how good or bad they really are. Are they the team who took it to Dallas a week ago, or are they the team that has given up 16 goals over the last three games? Are they a team that can snag a wild card spot or are they a team that has their future tied to lottery balls? Here is the real question….does it even matter? This organization built their entire marketing campaign on a slogan that couldn’t be more clear: “One Goal”. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore even though John McDonough continues to ram it down our throats.

Last night things became crystalized. Home game against their rival and defending Stanley Cup Champions after getting absolutely embarrassed by a division opponent the last two games. It was an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and the Blackhawks couldn’t even throw out a complete roster. Lehner being sick, Strome, Keith, Caggiula, and Shaw all being out injured, but not on IR…the Hawks didn’t have enough cap space to even have a full team. Unfortunate circumstances, but something brought on by poor management. Colliton made a comment that playing a game without a full roster “happens all the time in the AHL”. Well then he and Kampf, Kubalik, Wedin, Nylander, Gustafsson, Maatta, and Koekkoek should’ve felt right at home because they’re all AHL caliber guys.

To make things even worse, on the same night our beautiful boy, Henri, did this

That was on the Sabres top power play. Here is what his head coach said about him getting that promotion

And don’t forget what Ralph said about him when the Sabres came to town either

Joel loved Henri. Joel was fired. Colliton, the guy who was hired based on his communication with young players and his resume being exclusively from European hockey…did not. So Henri was traded for a guy who got less ice time that his season average last night even though the Blackhawks only had 11 forwards. That is remarkable. Don’t worry though, Nylander did manage to be a -2 in those 12 minutes of ice time.

The Blackhawks didn’t have a full coaching staff either

The review is based on comments made recently by Sean Avery. The same comments former Blackhawk Brent Sopel made publicly on the world’s #1 hockey podcast, Spittin Chiclets, over a year ago. I am not saying that Crawford should be fired. I really don’t care. I am saying that the organization looks fucking STUPID by saying that they’re going to conduct a “thorough review” now. Keith, Bowman, Dach, Edzo, Debrincat, etc have been on Chiclets. The organization is very familiar with that podcast. They should’ve just come out and said something like “we were aware of allegations of abuse by assistant coach Marc Crawford which occurred over 10 years ago. We discussed these allegations with Marc during the interview process. He understands that this is not acceptable behavior for any Blackhawks employee. Since joining the staff Marc’s conduct has been exemplary and he’s been a tremendous asset to the coaching staff”…or something like that and move on. Doing a thorough review now means that you didn’t do one when you hired him. It’s just a bad look for an organization that doesn’t need anymore of those.

Coaching staff hires gone wrong, trades gone wrong, cap mismanagement, and you know…being in last fucking place. Enough is enough. It’s time for a change. They can’t sell us that they’re rebuilding anymore. This isn’t “all part of the plan”. You don’t make moves for Lehner, de Haan, Maatta, etc if you’re trying to tank. Those are moves made to get into the playoffs. Stan has something else cooking. Marc Bergevin, the Habs GM, was at the Dallas game in Chicago last week. He’s been seen in Rockford. Do you really want Stan in charge of another trade? Do you trust him? I don’t. Let the next guy shop Gustafsson and Maatta for draft picks. Don’t start 2020 with Stan Bowman as the GM.