So How Quick Do The Knicks Try To Hire Patrick Ewing As Their Next Coach?

So this news broke last night - Georgetown is losing its All-Conference player in James Akinjo and another rotation/former starter Josh Leblanc. Massive blow for Georgetown. At the time, no one was really sure what was going on with this then it started to be reporter that LeBlanc and other players had a restraining order against them and accused of sexual harassment: 

It's important to note that James Akinjo is not listed in any of this and is a separate transfer. However, at the same time of this all breaking, this was going on: 

Not great! Needless to say people are already talking about Fizdale being fired and on the hot seat? Why? I'm not really sure. I mean we can question some of his decision making such as benching Kevin Knox for a game - you should be playing the young guys as much as possible to help them grow. But, let's not pretend he was given a roster that was going to succeed this year. It should be all about tanking, get another top draft pick to pair with RJ, Knox and Mitch.

Now let's tie the two together here. This is year 3 for Ewing at Georgetown. You just lost the face of your program and the guy that was going to be the real reason you start bringing it back to what it should be. Now you're going to likely struggle the rest of the year since you're looking at the Mac McClung and Omer Yurtseven show. Fine players, sure, but this is a team that was supposed to make the NCAA Tournament and compete in the Big East. They are likely now the 9th team in the Big East. 

With all this going on at Georgetown does Ewing really want to stay there? I mean there are rumors (not exactly shocking) that John Thompson is still running the program and making a bunch of the calls. If that's as true as people say and Ewing is just a puppet of sorts there, does he want to get back to the NBA where he was a respected assistant coach? I wouldn't be that shocked, especially if the season goes as many think now. 

Then from the Knicks side, Dolan is always looking for an escape. If he hires Ewing it'd be loved by fans and people wouldn't blast him for being a loser for at least one day. It's an easy sell to us idiot fans and you'd assume that Ewing would have a bit longer leash. 

Over/under April 28th?