NHL Player Tyler Ennis Thought He Had A Displaced Ankle Because Canadian Doctors Gave Him X-Ray Results From The Basketball Player Tyler Ennis

Imagine being told that your ankle, which you think is busted up a little bit, is just downright displaced. I mean that can't feel good and outside of breaking my kneecap I don't know if I want to suffer an injury less than a displaced bone. Please keep my bones all in the right spot.

Here's the crazier part of this - besides the fear that doctors can screw up anything. Tyler Ennis, the 5'9" basketball player who is Canadian, wasn't even playing in Canada at the time. He was playing overseas for Fenerbache and came back to Canada for the rehab and x-rays, etc. You'd think that would be step number 1 in order to get the best care and not screw this up. 

And, yeah, we can get the joke out of the way. The hockey player (with a less severe injury) was back on the ice in a few months while the basketball player was out for the entire year. Something, something, hockey players are tougher, lower leg injury, I think I nailed the talking points there Chiclets guys. 

Still the only thing I picture when I hear Tyler Ennis though: