Wake Up With The Top Plays Of Mike Trout's Hall Of Fame Career

Hard not to drool over any Mike Trout content, especially his top plays from his young, already Hall Of Fame career. He does it all. His arm has improved, he is an unreal fielder, and you know what he can do with the bat. It’s a shame he plays in Los Angeles where literally no one cares about sports, because this guy is a bonafide superstar. How many other athletes can you say are a legit Hall Of Famer by the time they’re 29. Not many. Want to see the list of guys that Trout has a better WAR than?

Derek Jeter. Justin Verlander. Barry Larkin. Scott Rolen. Gary Carter. Carlos Beltran. Miguel Cabrera. Robinson Cano. Manny Ramirez. Tony Gwynn. John Smoltz. Eddie Murray. Pudge Rodriguez. Carlton Fisk. Edgar Martinez. Jim Palmer. Clayton Kershaw. Ernie Banks. Roberto Alomar. Do I need to go on?

PS. By far my favorite play is him robbing JJ Hardy in Camden Yards. What a stupid good play.