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Absolutely Crazy News Out Of Georgetown: All-Conference Player James Akinjo And Josh LeBlanc Randomly Hit The Transfer Portal

Uhh, what the hell? Now we don't know more information as of right now in terms of why this happened, but one is to assume that both guys (Akinjo especially) will have pretty much every school in the country trying to land them. This is massive news though. Akinjo was going to be the likely face of the program considering he's just a sophomore and already an all-Big East player and coming off of Big East Rookie of the Year. Georgetown thought they had their backcourt of the future with him and Mac McClung playing together 2 years in a row now. Remember, Ewing said this about Akinjo last year after the Illinois game: 

This was an important year for Georgetown as this is year 3 for Ewing. They were expected to be a NCAA Tournament team this year and possibly a top-4 team in the Big East. Hell, they looked the part after beating Texas and leading Duke before losing a close game. Since then? A loss to UNC-Greensboro and now this. 

Obviously we need to wait to see what exactly happened here in terms of these guys leaving but uh, what the hell? 

PS: Of course I already thought about how there are rumors of Fizdale (I actually like him) being fired and Ewing going back to the Knicks if he wants out of Georgetown.