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Attention: Do You Need To Shave Your Balls Or Want Your Man To Shave His Balls?

AkaEdgy has a great point. Watch this video, look down your pants, and tell me that you don’t think your balls need some cleaning up. They do. I’m not saying you gotta go full naked mole rat. Nobody is saying that. A little bit of hair shows that your a grown man, but a full goddamn forest isn’t going to make the ladies want to do anything down there so let’s clean it up…

Thankfully I’m always looking out for you guys and girls even if you hate me, so I have a deal for you. Christmas is coming up and today is ‘Cyber Monday’ which is single handedly the greatest day to shop online with deals going on left and right INCLUDING the Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0.  This revolutionary company, Manscaped, has redesigned the electric trimmer specifically for downstairs. For 20% off using code CHICKS you can get their Perfect Package 2.0 that includes their Lawn Mower 2.0 that has proprietary advanced Skin-Safe Technology so this trimmer won’t hurt your (or your man’s) balls. It’s also waterproof which prevents a mess on the bathroom floor and in the sink. PLUS it also comes with deodorant for your nuts. They have the Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver which will keep your balls from sweating and smelling.


Do it for her.