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San Francisco Goes Bananas When Authentic NYC Bagels Get Overnighted To Bakery

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SFist – Even the rain couldn’t dent people’s appetite for authentic NYC bagels. Wes Rowe, who, along with his partner, Sonya Haines, overnight-expressed New York City bagels (from Russ and Daughters) for their Eastside Bagels pop-up at Dear Mom, had this say, “There has never been a pop-up here with a line like today. Next time we know what to expect and will be ready. This was the line at 11:30 when we started. It was almost to Folsom Street.”

By now everyone knows that I’m pretty much anti anything from the “Real New Yorkers” of the world. The Buzzfeed losers who genuinely think New York City is the best place in the world to live. Everything they say is so exaggerated and phony and inspired by fucking Sex and the City and shit like that.

But that being said, bagels might be the exception to the rule. Bagels are absolutely different in this city. Everyone says it has to do with New York water. But they say the same thing about pizza, and I can admit that you can get a good slice of pizza outside of NYC. Maybe not exactly as good, but you can get comparable pizza elsewhere. Not bagels though. Same water situation going on with bagels, yet outside this city they are absolute garbage. Maybe its something that the Jews do? Jew magic springs from their fingertips into the bagel dough? Thats the only thing I can really think of thats different between NYC and the rest of these cities – Jews.

Who knows. All I know is that theres a reason why people wait on a line that wraps around a corner for basically day old New York bagels. They’re just that much better. Also explains the disparity between people on the cream cheese vs. ketchup debate. Thats basically a New York vs. The World scenario since they can’t figure out the bagel trick.

PS – If you eat Dunkin Donuts bagels I absolutely think less of you as a person.