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NYC Mens League Player Suing Dude Who Elbowed Him For Assault

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NY Post – A Manhattan man claims he joined an adult basketball league at PS 6 for the love of the game — but got a beating instead. Craig Linden, 52, is now suing real-estate agent Matthew Goldberg in Manhattan Supreme Court for playing hoops with “excessive animosity” and assaulting him during an NYC Basketball League game at the Upper East Side school. Linden “did not assume the risk of violence when joining the basketball league,” he says in the lawsuit filed last week. Goldberg, 28, had “a pattern and practice of excessive physical and violent confrontations with members of the basketball league,” and Linden in particular, he charges. Things came to a head in October when the hotheaded hoopster “intentionally hit” Linden, going “beyond the accepted and reasonable parameters of contact,” according to the lawsuit. Goldberg declined to comment. Linden is seeking unspecified damages.

Quite the drama here for the Upper East Side Mens League. And its not as clear cut as you think. Right off the bat most Stoolies are probably inclined to think this is just plain old pussification and that this kinda shit happens when you’re on the hardwood. But you gotta dig deeper than that. This is a coin flip situation in my estimation.

On the one hand, you’ve got a 28 year old dude clocking a 52 year old man in the face at his weekly basketball game. Hey haarrrrrdoooo why don’t you take it easy bro? This is mens league at PS 6. This old man is probably out there just trying to get some burn so he doesn’t die of a heart attack any time soon. He’s probably just there because its an extra hour or two that he doesn’t need to be near his wife and kids. And you’re out there throwing ‘bows like Ron Artest to James Harden’s temple. How about you just chuck up a few jumpers here and there like the rest of us and not trying to decapitate any senior citizens?

On the other hand, Craig Linden may very well be one of those Old Men Assholes. I could see him flaunting that Old Man Strength. You know what I’m talking about? Its the strongest type of strength in the game:



He’s probably go Rec Specs on. Tube socks with the red and blue stripes at the top pulled up over his calves. Pit stains that extend all the way to the bottom of his shirt. And just a real bad attitude out there to prove he can still run with the young guns. You ever see The Shield? What I’m picturing is the leader of the Decoy Team:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 1.29.17 PM


Just playing dirty and rough asking to get knocked the fuck out.

I guess the case all depends on who was the asshole. Was it Goldberg the 28 year old hardo or Linden the 52 year old old man dickhead?