Enes Kanter Says He Feels Bad That James Dolan Gets Blamed For The Knicks Sucking Because 'He Has Nothing To Do With It' - Shut The FUCK Up, Enes

[Source] - “We text,’’ Kanter said in the hallway outside the Celtics locker room after Boston outlasted the Knicks 113-104 Sunday. “We’re actually really cool buddies now. I got no problems with him. Some other people have problems with him, but I have no problem with him.

“And I will say this: It’s terrible they blame it on this guy every time. I feel like he has done nothing to do with it. You just have to go out there to play basketball. He cannot push you out there to play basketball. I feel like people put blame on him and people are wrong. And we are buddies now.”

I can't say this loud enough. SHUT THE FUCK UP, ENES. Goddamnit, you were my guy. I defended you from the NCAA. I preached that you deserved to be playing 40 minutes a game at Kentucky. I defended you with the Knicks. I've always cheered for you until you went to Boston. I understood it was a business decision, but so was mine to stop rooting for you. But then this? 

You're friends with James Dolan? You're out here saying he doesn't deserve the blame for the Knicks sucking? Uhh, what in the living hell makes you think he doesn't have anything to do with this? He's the one who keeps his shithead buddy Steve Mills around despite this: 

He's the one who kicked out Charles Oakley and every fan that is pissed off at him. It's honestly a shock that me and Clem are still allowed anywhere near MSG. He's the one that brings in garbage coaches and front office guys and then hands over the keys to ruin this franchise even more. He deserved ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the blame. James Dolan is a fucking loser. 

Take a quick look at some of these James Dolan headlines on this here site: 

Oh, wait. What's that? Enes Kanter had a quote not even 3 months ago saying James Dolan is the reason that free agents aren't going to the Knicks. Now it's not his fault? What is it you idiot? We all know the answer, we all know it's James Dolan. I don't know what he did to you to make you change your tone but this quote has pissed me off more than I care to admit. 

Fucking Enes, I thought we were friends. Now I hate you.