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Elizabeth Hurley Denies Rumors That She Used To Fly To The White House To Have Sex With Bill Clinton

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MirrorExtraordinary claims Elizabeth Hurley had a year long affair with President Bill Clinton after he flew her to Washington for sex, have surfaced in the U.S. During their first secret tryst his wife Hillary was asleep in the next room. The astonishing claim comes after a tape of the actress’s former boyfriend Tom Sizemore was found describing how he set Hurley, 48, up with the Clinton following a private screening of Saving Private Ryan at the White House in 1998 – scroll down for the audio. Although the actress took to Twitter to furiously deny the rumours, telling her 450,000 followers: “Ludicrously silly stories about me & Bill Clinton. Totally untrue. In the hands of my lawyers. Yawn.”  The then President called the actress saying “Elizabeth, this is your Commander-in-Chief. I’m sending a plane to pick you up in three hours. Is that enough time?”  Hours later she is said to have arrived at the White House where charismatic Clinton gave her a personal tour before showing her Lincoln’s bedroom.  According to Radar Online the meeting was arranged after Clinton asked Sizemore, 52, if he was still in touch with his former girlfriend.  When the actor said he was, Clinton said: “You got her number don’t you?”  Actor Sizemore, who appeared in the Steven Spielberg film, said yes. “He then takes his phone out and goes ‘Give it to me?'” explained Sizemore.  In audio recording obtained by the US website, the actor said he perhaps should ask Hurley first if he can give out her number to which Clinton replies “You dumb mother******. I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.”  When he called her, she at first appeared coy but Clinton charmed her saying: “Listen Elizabeth, this is the President. I don’t have any time for the ****. I’m keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I’m sending a plane to pick you up”.  Sizemore claimed it was the first night they politician and actress slept together.  The actor described Clinton as “6ft 4with more charisma than 1,000 Brad Pitts”

Listen when you’re dealing with Bill Clinton, its a guilty until proven innocent sort of situation. The default is not “I wonder if she had sex with Bill Clinton?” Its “I wonder if she didn’t have sex with Bill Clinton.” If you’re a female and Slick Willie hasn’t been inside you, thats the exception to the rule. So while it seems a little far fetched that Bill Clinton would fly Elizabeth Hurley in from fucking England or Hollywood or wherever and bang her right next door to Hillary, I say prove it. Prove it, Liz. Give me your alibis. Show me Bill Clinton wasn’t having sex with you. Because on the surface I see that picture of you two, think about how your alternative was that tranny lover Hugh Grant, and I envision Bill breaking you down with that Southern Gentleman routine and flooding your basement. Seems a lot more likely that you probably did have sex with Bill for a year than you didn’t.

PS – Bill dropping the Commander In Chief line all over the place is perfect.