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The Mets Should Give Tracy McGrady A Look

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HOUSTONTracy McGrady wants to follow Michael Jordan‘s path to the national pastime. The retired seven-time NBA All-Star is aiming to become a baseball player, and plans to try pitching for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League. That’s the same team that Roger Clemens pitched for a couple of years ago. Jordan famously played in the Chicago White Sox organization in 1994 during his first retirement from basketball, reaching the Double-A level. “Just having a tryout for a minor league team is more fulfilling than anything I can imagine as far as baseball,” McGrady told by phone Tuesday. “I’m just going to train as hard as I can and pursue my dream. Where this takes me, I don’t know. “I’m doing this for the love of the game. I’ve made money. The Atlantic League doesn’t have salaries like the major leagues. So this is a kid who’s trying to fulfill his dream. This isn’t a gimmick. I’ve played baseball. I know the game of baseball. And I’m going after what I’ve always wanted to do.” A statement from the Skeeters says that it is a “lifelong dream” of McGrady’s to play baseball. “McGrady has demonstrated skill, determination and diligence during his training program,” the statement said. “We look forward to monitoring his progress.” The 34-year-old McGrady played for several teams, including the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic. He last played in the NBA in the 2012-13 season. The Skeeters last made national headlines when Clemens pitched two games for them in 2012 at age 50.

Word on the streets is your boy TMac can hit like 91 on the gun. Roger Clemens was tweeting that he’s only hitting like 85 but whatever fuck that. If Dice K is gonna get a minor league deal than Tracy McGrady should too. Fuck I’d put him right on the Big League team. Because I know one thing for sure – every 5 days the ball park would be packed to watch T Mac pitch. While we’re still toiling away with fucking Ike Davis and Lucas Duda at first base with no shortstop waiting for Harvey to return and Syndergaard to make the jump, we might as well sell some tickets. And Tracy McGrady toeing the rubber is basically a human sellout. Keep the Wilpons happy and the fans entertained while we wait to put all our eggs in the 2015 basket only to be inevitably disappointed.