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I Can Talk Myself Into Jake Peavy



(SI)A deal is in place that will send Chicago White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy to the Boston Red Sox and the trade should be announced Wednesday if the teams are satisfied with Peavy’s medical records, reports the Chicago Tribune. Red Sox infielder Jose Iglesias will be headed to the Detroit Tigers as part of the trade. reports that the Tigers needed an infielder because the team is expecting shortshop Jhonny Peralta to be suspended as part of Major League Baseball’s investigation into the Biogenesis clinic.


Cliff Lee he is not (Bucholz – Lee – Lester – Lackey was a nice fantasy for a 7 game series while it lasted), but if someone is kind enough to pass the Kool Aid I’ll take a pull. 8-4 with a 4.5 ERA isn’t half bad for a guy who’s going to be our 4th starter come playoff time. For now, plug the hole until Bucholz’s shoulder/vagina heals. It’s actually kind of a perfect move. Enough to show that they’re not looking this season as a free, good run during a bridge year (which we all expected it to be in March), but not too much as to jeopardize the future. Yeah, I can definitely talk myself into this. Jake Peavy! Woo! Jagerbombs for everyone!