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Super Sunday Has Arrived - Time To Win A Thousand Bucks For Free From DraftStreet



There are two types of people in this world: those who have to sit alone in a completely empty room not watching the Super Bowl because they’re fat and they lost a weight loss challenge, and those who get to enjoy the biggest football day of the year and try to win $1,000 for free from DraftStreet. Now considering there’s only one asshole on the planet earth doing the first one, that means absolutely everyone else should be doing the second. Sign up for free, pick 6 players, and win one thousand dollars. Why would anybody NOT do this? Takes like 35 seconds and costs absolutely nothing. No such thing as a free lunch unless you’re doing Draftstreet’s Super Bowl Challenge and in that case its a free $1,000 lunch.

Also top 100 finishers get a free Barstool hoodie. Just throwing tons of shit at you guys for absolutely nothing.

How To Enter

  1. Sign Up for a DraftStreet account
  2. Draft Team from Broncos vs Seahawks before Sunday @ 6:30 pm
  3. Enjoy the game! Find out if you win immediately after the final whistle.

How To Make Your Team

  1. Draft any 6 players. Max of 5 players from 1 team.
  2. Stay under the $100,000 Salary Cap
  3. Save Your Team