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NBA Twitter Got A Little Weird Last Night

You ever just take a moment and thank the Internet Gods that Twitter/IG exist? Without it we don't get moments like this between two absolute legends of the game. I'll be honest, there's a lot to digest here. It's not surprising that this all started with that Nick Young tweet, that seems exactly like something Young would put out to his 492K followers. Listen sometimes you're in a debate with your girl and you need to call in reinforcements. Now why the fuck Nick Young would want a blow up doll is beyond me. I mean I know it's so he can fuck it but my question is why. You're Nick Young, you're a millionaire, you do not need to be sticking your dick into a fake sex doll. That just seems weird for a guy that can snap his fingers and be taken care of by a real life human.

To then have the tables turned on him like that is for sure a rollercoaster of emotion. All fun and games until your girl says fine you can have your doll but you have to hook her up with some mandingo shit. I won't get into semantics about what a "regular one" is because chances are him and I have a difference of opinion on that but you can see the dilemma he is facing. Maybe you yourself have had a similar discussion at the negotiating table with your significant other. What is Nick Young to do? 

Boom. Enter Lou Williams. The guy had just finished killing the Mavs on the road and here he comes from the clouds with the perfect solution. Just mold your dick and the problem is instantly solved. You heard Lou Williams, it's what he's doing this year for Christmas and guys if you're looking for a last minute gift idea I think you have your solution. Personally I would never do this because it would basically be like when my parents gave me a rubik's cube for Hanukkah when I was a kid. Completely and utterly useless. 

My question is, and really why Twitter is so great, is Lou could have saw this and just texted Nick Young. I'm pretty sure they probably have each other's numbers and could have easily handled this in private. But instead, throwing this up online for the world to see in the middle of the night is why NBA Twitter rules and never ever sleeps. I mean now Lou is shit out of luck because chances are his significant other is going to see this tweet and know what she is getting for Christmas. I'm also curious if Lou Williams still has like 4 girlfriends at once because that's a lot of molding that will have to go down and that just seems excessive.