First KFC Canada Got the Fried Chicken Big Mac, and Now KFC Australia is Getting Popcorn Chicken Nachos.



FB - Both items feature the stuff of our childhood/stoner dreams. The “Nacho Box” piles popcorn chicken, cheese, and salsa on a bed of crunchy corn chips. Following a similar sensibility, the “Nacho Burger” packs a chicken breast fillet, corn chips, salsa and a spread of nacho cheese sauce.

Basically, if you are a fan of KFC in America, you better go get a passport, because they’ve got nothing for ya in the States. They give everything to our friends. First, they gave Canada the fried chicken big mac. Fair play, KFC. Make us think about your product by giving it to our hat up North. I dig it. Playing hard to get, something we all know is a tried and true method. But now what? Giving Australia popcorn chicken nachos before you give me popcorn chicken nachos is just painful. That’s making a mockery of our relationship. It’s bad enough you have nothing new to offer me and we have to go our separate ways, but to stab a knife in my back on the way out, is that really necessary? I’m a big fan of nachos. Good nachos is my favorite bar food. So for The Colonel to do this to me, in all honesty, really does hurt.


PS: Adding a nacho burger to the menu is really a petty slap in the face. It’s like I already know you have a new boyfriend, you don’t have to text me a picture of you two making out too. Petty, petty, petty.