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Mike Tomlin Said The Steelers Are Going To Start Duck Hodges Over Mason Rudolph Vs. The Browns This Week Because "He Has Not Killed Us"

Say what you want about Mike Tomlin, and most people usually do after the Steelers get bounced from the playoffs earlier than anyone expected. But you have to respect a coach that comes out and tells it like it is. I've been fed bullshit so long by my terrible teams that I forgot what a coach telling the truth sounded like. Tomlin could have said that the Steelers were going to Duck Hodges because he sparked a comeback against the Bengals last week, because Rudolph was such a full blown disaster against the Browns two weeks ago that only the most viral moment of the NFL season could make everyone not talk about it, or because Duck is a big Pardon My Take fan and those fellas seem pretty successful, so why not try for success by osmosis. Paying Mark McGrath to do a Cameo of the Steelers breaking up with Mason Rudolph was a better call than anything I've seen the Steelers run since Lev Bell and Antonio Brown left town.

Instead Tomlin went with the old "He has not killed us" logic, which every person who bet the Steelers in that Browns game can attest to as Rudolph turned all those tickets into an unrecognizable bloody pulp with 4 picks and also had a Steelers receiver bleeding out of his fucking ear at one point. I feel like the "They will not kill him" line could have also passed as a valid excuse considering Rudolph already almost got decapitated in his last game against the Browns and it's impossible to dislike someone named Duck. But I appreciate Tomlin keeping it simple. Because while people will continue to debate how good of a coach Mike Tomlin is, nobody will argue how cool of a coach he is.