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Anthony Edwards Just Put On Such A Damn Show, That No One Even Cares Georgia Lost To Michigan State

Sure, Michigan State may have won the game. But no one even cares that MSU won as a 13 point favorite (without covering). No, no. Look at Twitter, watch the highlights, you know who won the day? Anthony Edwards. The dude who might be the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft went absolutely wild in the second half. He dropped 33 in the second half and brought Georgia back from 27 down all by himself. 

God I hope the Knicks were watching. They better have been watching. The dude is so damn good, especially when you remember he could still be in high school since he reclassified and is still just 18. 

And sure there are plenty of questions surrounding Michigan State after losing to Virginia Tech and now nearly blowing a 27-point lead to a below average Georgia team. But, again, that's not the story. It's all about Anthony Edwards. What a goddamn show. This is the best part of having day time hoops. You get guys going nuts with Bill Walton on the call at 4pm on a Tuesday. 

Now if you don't mind me, I'll be rewatching that bounce pass and imagining him in a Knicks jersey.