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Dustin Johnson's Two Year Old Son Has A Better Golf Swing Than You (And Me, But You Too)

There ya go, Dustin Johnson’s 24 month old son has a better golf swing than all of us. Little guy even had a little draw on that thing just for good measure and to twist the knife a little more. To be fair we all already assumed this was true, and that all of DJ and Paulina’s kids were going to be far more athletically talented than the rest of us, but now we know for sure. There’s video evidence and that kid is likely gonna be tearing up the PGA Tour in about 20 years.

Think about the kind of genes that little dude is working with. That kid has a little Dustin Johnson in him (one of the best golfers in the world for years now) and a little Wayne Gretzky in him (the best hockey player of all time I’m told). So there’s like a .0000000001% chance that kid doesn’t grow up to be a professional in one of the major sports. The percentages are flipped for the rest of the world but not for little DJ. He’s gonna be a star.