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Drake Continues to Own Joel Embiid And There's Nothing He Can Do About It

After the win against the Spurs Friday night Joel Embiid came out and said to the media that load management is a bunch of bullshit. He said that he needs to be playing every night. So after putting up 21 points in 28 minutes on Friday night, Embiid then turned right around to put up 23 points in 26 minutes against the Miami Heat on Saturday night. Two solid performances on a back-to-back from Joel Embiid. He backed up what he said on Friday and showed everybody that ya know what, maybe this load management is a bunch of bullshit after all. 

Then he goes out last night and puts up zero goddamn points in 32 minutes against the Raptors and completely cost the Sixers that game against the team that ended their season 6 months ago. Zero. Fucking. Points. And the worst part about that is that he still took 11 shots. He still took FOUR shots from 3. He missed a free throw late in the 4th quarter. The Sixers needed literally just anything at all out of Joel Embiid and not only did he give them nothing, but he also wasted a ton of key possessions because he was trying to get himself going. It was a joke. To say that he needs to be playing every game on Friday night and then to just completely disappear in the biggest revenge game of the season so far, it's a joke. 

Speaking of jokes, Joel Embiid supplied Drake with a ton of them now that Aubrey Graham continues to dominate Embiid straight to his face. If you remember during the playoffs last year, we had Drake making a total mockery out of Joel and his airplane celebration after the Sixers got their doors blown off in game 5. 

Then after that game, a violently-ill Joel Embiid said to Drake "I'll be back" right before rushing back to the locker room to take another shit. 

Embiid lived up to his word and the Sixers won game 6 at home, bringing the series back to Toronto. But in game 7? Well…well we all remember how that one ended. 

So in game 5 we had Drake mocking Embiid's airplane celebration. In game 7, Drake had Embiid crying on his way out of Scotiabank Arena as the Toronto Raptors continued their run to winning the NBA Finals. And then the next time these two meet up, Embiid goes out there and doesn't record a single damn point after 32 minutes on the floor. Which had Drake trying to start some MVP chants in the building.

Christ that shit was embarrassing. And that's what the Sixers have been for a good portion of this season so far. I know it's only November but how many times is this team going to embarrass the city? The piss poor shooting. The turnovers. Guys just completely disappearing for entire games. This is a team that really isn't that easy to love right now. Thank god for Josh Richardson, though. That dude has been nails lately and might be the most consistent player on this roster. Again, I know it's only November but for Embiid to pull this shit right after we got done watching the worst game of Carson Wentz's Eagles career, it's just that death seems like a sweet release. 

Figure it out, you two.