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Millionaire Asks Ex-Wife To Stick Around As The Housekeeper

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Telegraph – A businessman who carried on living with his former wife after they divorced asked her if she would stay on as his housekeeper when he installed another woman in the home, a High Court judge was told. The man could not understand why his former wife became “so aggressive” when he informed her of the new arrangements, the court heard. On Wednesday Mr Justice Bodey ruled that she was entitled to nearly half of her former husband’s £13.6?million fortune. The Family Division of the High Court, heard that the couple, who cannot be named and are from London, married in the late 1970s and divorced in the 1990s. The judge said they treated the divorce as “just a piece of paper” and carried on living together. About five years ago the man, who is in his 70s, met another woman. “The husband installed the other woman and her 12-year-old daughter into the marital home,” said Mr Justice Bodey. When the man asked his former wife, who is in her 50s, if she would remain in the home “as some sort of housekeeper”, she found the suggestion “very demeaning and upsetting”. The man told her that he would “commit suicide or go on hunger strike” if she “went to court regarding financial matters”. But litigation started and “he could not come to terms with why she, through her lawyers, had become so aggressive”, Mr Justice Bodey said. The judge ruled that there was “no distinction” between the couple’s life before and after the divorce and that she should receive more than £6?million. The man had argued that he and his former wife had reached an agreement which meant that she would be entitled to no more than £3.4?million.

Cocky. So so so so cocky. Hey babe I’m absolutely done with you  – no interest in being intimate with you or sharing my life with you anymore – but would you like to stick around and be my slave? And she said fucking yes! I’m not sure whats the real story here: the dude being cocky enough to ask her to be the housekeeper, or the woman for agreeing to it. She’s been the maid for her ex husband for like fifteen years! Thats gotta be the most pitiful thing I’ve ever heard. She’s scrubbing his toilets. Washing his jizz rags. I’d have to imagine still smashing her out from time to time. More or less its a situation of glorified prostitution. And thats all after she collected like $20 million. Bitch coulda gone anywhere she wanted and she just chose to be an indentured servant for a dude who just wanted to find new pussy.

I guess the lesson we need to learn here is that a scorned woman doesn’t really care if you starve yourself to death. You can halfway break up with a girl. You can turn her into your hired help. You can do that for like 15 years. But the minute you bring another chick in the mix that wife/maid will not give a shit if you kill yourself. Go on hunger strike if you want but that bitch is taking your starving ass to court.