New Draftstreet $10,000 Super Bowl Free Roll

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New partner here at Barstool that will be bringing you copious amounts of easy to win money. We’re starting off with a $10,000 Free Roll. Costs absolutely nothing to enter. First prize is $1,000. Is that a good return on investment? Buy in for zero dollars and walk away with $1,000? Its been a while since I worked in finance but I think thats pretty good. All you gotta do is draft any 6 players. Max of 5 players from 1 team and stay under the $100,000 Salary Cap. Pretty simple stuff. Free, easy and you can win a grand.

Also, the top 375 finishers get free entry into a $150,000 NBA Draftstreet challenge next Wednesdaywhere first prize is $50,000. That seems like a pretty sweet deal as well. Its free if you’re top 375 in the Super Bowl challenge, $22 if you want to just buy in, and you might win fifty goddam thousand dollars.

And as if all thats not enough – top 100 finishers in the Super Bowl challenge get a free Barstool hoodie. Do you need any more convincing or is free money and free clothes enough?