Story Time With Bill Walton In Maui: The Moment He Was More Than Willing To Fight Danny Ainge

This is the beauty of a game with Bill Walton on the call. You have no idea what's going to be said, you have no idea where a story is going to go and there can be a million viral moments because of that. I mean hell just last night alone we had him talking about smoking weed at Don Nelson's house: 

Had him talking about Kansas being volcanoes: 

Talking about eating his grandkids and how all 9 of them are rightfully terrified of him: 

And then there was the moment he was ready to fight Danny Ainge. I would have loved to see that happens, especially since I have a feeling Ainge was a little shithead growing up. That's the only way someone who was All-American in football, basketball and baseball should be. 

The best here though is Dave Pasch. The man has to put up with so much shit when it comes to Walton, especially when they are out in Hawaii. Pasch is just trying to do his job and call a game. He's trying to keep things on track. This was a pure laugh from him. That's the type of story that keeps Pasch going the rest of the week with Walton. 

Can't wait to see what we're in store for today since it's a quick turnaround for Walton. Gonna get loose early.