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Virginia Tech Fans Flooded MSU's Twitter Account With Nothing But Pictures Of Landers Nolley And Mike Young After Beating Michigan State

So in case somehow you missed it yesterday Virginia Tech upset No. 3 Michigan State out in Maui in a real impressive game for Tech. They are incredibly fun to watch with new head coach Mike Young since he just spreads teams out and launch a bunch of threes. Then you throw in Landers Nolley, who has dropped 20 in 4 of the first 6 games and you got yourself a squad. More importantly it appears that Virginia Tech fans have taken notice. Hell, they've pulled this move before: 

I kinda love that this has become Virginia Tech's thing. Is it juvenile? Absolutely. Is it even a bit corny? Sure. But the fact is they are embracing it. They have pictures of Landers Nolley for the roster page on their website, they are using him on a train, they have Mike Young in a Hawaiian shirt, all things that I can appreciate. 

I will say I gotta feel for the SID that's got the Michigan State twitter account on their phone. You're just out here trying to do your job and put up the picture of Michigan State making a positive play. That was a mistake. Their phone is probably going off nonstop, you can't check Twitter without getting 100 notifications right away. Let's see what happens after the Dayton game today now.