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Bill Walton Smoked Far Too Much Weed In Hawaii Again

Bill Walton can say whatever he wants on television and absolutely nobody can tell him anything about it. They send him out to Hawaii, and not just Hawaii but Maui. The greatest soil on God’s green Earth. And he just goes on national television baked out of his gourd, wearing sunglasses, pretending to crash waves on his co-hosts bald head, playing with computerized whales which only he thinks he can see, and gets paid to do so. Just the very definition of a national treasure and a man who should be protected at all costs. Some things get old and contrived after years and years of repetitiveness, but others are like a warm hug of consistency. Something you can depend on. And year-in, year-out, Bill Walton being fucking rocked calling a college basketball game is one of those things I’ll never get tired of no matter how often I see it.