The Kid Who Just Beat Michigan State In Maui? Virginia Tech's Landers Nolley - Who Dropped A 32-Team Bracket For His Recruitment And Was Deemed 'Too Smart' By The NCAA

So much for that Michigan State/Kansas final in the Maui huh? Well, welcome to the guy who just straight up beat Michigan State tonight. His name is Landers Nolley and he is 100% the guy that will be talked about all the time now. Why, you may ask? Well let's start with his recruiting period: 

My guy dropped a 32-team tournament for his recruiting! I can't get enough of that, especially as someone who loves brackets. When you're Mr. Georgia and a 4/5-star recruit, do whatever the hell you want. He gave seeds and everything. When you look at it, look at the upset too. Some are saying it's crazier than UMBC beating Virginia or George Mason making the Final Four. Virginia Tech was the 27 seed! 

Then there was this: 

My man was deemed 'too smart' by the NCAA and forced to sit out a year because the NCAA sucks ass. He followed that up by being an All-Academic in the ACC last year during his redshirt year, so you know, it kinda checks out that he's smart. So this is his first year and the dude is a walking bucket. He has hit 22 points in 4 of his first 6 games. 

And now he's out here dropping 22 against Tom Izzo/Sparty and getting the win. Sure, you can say that Izzo hurt Michigan State by automatically sitting Cassius Winston in the first half with 2 fouls, but this is about Landers Nolley.