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There's Only One Man On Earth Who Can Get 42,000 People To Watch Him Play Tennis: Roger Federer

There's no one in the world who has the pulling power that Roger Federer has. Anywhere he goes, people will flock just to get a glimpse of that man playing some tennis. Over 42,000 people filled a stadium in Mexico City on Saturday to see Fed and Zverev square off. That's the most ever for any tennis match in the history of the world. If you go by average MLB attendance, only two teams had a higher attendance than the amount of people that showed up for Federer-Zverev on Saturday (Cardinals and Dodgers). Keep in mind this was an exhibition match! None of it mattered. Still packed out the stadium and probably could've gotten more people if it was bigger.

 Fed is king. He made 8 million euros just by appearing during this exhibition matches last week. The Davis Cup was going on this weekend, which is basically the tennis version of the soccer World Cup, and no one gave a shit. Fed moves the needle. Everyone else is second to him. That over head picture is so cool. 

Somehow he made his way to New York this morning for the Today Show. Honestly, pretty bizarre encounter here with Savannah Guthrie. Cringe city. I would never treat the king like that.