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Dude Found Dead Naked On The Toilet Of An Upper East Side Gay And Bi-Sexual Bathhouse

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Gothamist – A 45-year-old man was found dead in an Upper East Side bathhouse on Sunday. His body was naked on a toilet when authorities found him. According to the Daily News, police found the unidentified man at the 24-hour East Side Club—a “gay and bisexual men’s sauna”—around 2:35 a.m. Cops told the tabloid that the death appeared to have been caused by an overdose, though an employee at the club maintains he died of a heart attack. (“It’s not a sex club,” he said. “It’s a social club for men.) The Daily News says it was barred entry to the club because editors sent a female reporter to an all-male bathhouse. Despite its hyper-sexualized website, the East Side Club maintains a low profile in its stately neighborhood. “I am shocked there is a bath house around the corner from me,” said one nearby resident. “It’s a strange block.”

What a way to go. Dead on the toilet. Just like Elvis except a lot less “legend of music” and a lot more “you were just hanging out in a bi sexual sauna.” Anybody ever go to these bathhouses? Obviously not the ones that are secretly gay fuck clubs. But a few of my friends go to the Russian Bathhouses down near Times Square to go “schvitzing.” Perhaps the strangest most disgusting thing that my friends do and, trust me, they do a lot of disgusting shit. There always like “Hey KFC you wanna go schvitzing with us?” And I’m like “you mean go to an old man’s locker room club and sweat surrounded by a bunch of old men? Yea sure thing, sign me up.” Fucking disgusting idiots. They swear by it. They say the sweat everything out and apparently people whip each other with tree branches and they say it feel great afterwards. What in the fuck is that about?? I secretly think they are getting hand jobs from old Jewish men and thats why they enjoy it.

And those are the clubs that aren’t openly a sex club. Can’t even imagine the weird shit that would go on at this place. Actually I can – its probably just gay guys banging in a steam room. Just like a big old sweaty weird YMCA bathhouse. Weird shit, folks. Weird shit.