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Mike Ehrmantraut Signs On For Better Caul Saul

Independent – Breaking Bad actor Jonathan Banks has signed up for the show’s spin-off prequel Better Call Saul, according to reports, reprising his role of reluctant fixer Mike Ehermantraut. This is the first piece of casting news we’ve heard from the AMC show aside from the obvious – Bob Odenkirk returning as crooked lawyer protagonist Saul Goodman – and while Saul and Mike’s working relationship predates the arrival of Walter White, it suggests the show will take place in the years or months directly preceding that most terrible choice of clients.

Its a far cry from my idea of No Half Measures chronicling the days of Mike Ehrmantraut as a Philly cop who turns dirty, but I’ll take it. I’m still going through Breaking Bad withdrawal. And as much as I like True Detective, its not replacing Breaking Bad. House of Cards doesn’t do it for me. I still have a big void left in my lazy, TV addicted soul and the only hope I have to fill it is more Mike Ehrmantraut. Nobody expects Better Call Saul to be fantastic television, but I can promise you there will be some more legendary scenes with Mike. Give me a couple scenes even half as good as No Half Measures and I’ll be like an addicted getting his fix. Rubbing little bits of leftovers in my gums. Won’t get the full high I’m looking for but at least it will remind me of it.