Miami Continues To Bring The Heat With Their Vice Themed Alternate Jerseys

It goes without saying that the Miami Heat own the alternate jersey market. There were some contenders like the Grizzlies who brought back their 90s look, and the Nuggets certainly had a legit option this year, but now that we have the latest version of the Miami Vice look it's hard to argue that any other franchise brings the heat like Miami. Honestly what better way to help your fans forget all about the absolute beatdown the Heat experienced up in Philly over the weekend than releasing these bad boys to the public. Personally, this is my favorite version of this look, you may remember the White, Pink, and Black versions from earlier editions

and I know we saw it a lot when a team releases a fire alternate jersey, but we can all agree here that the Heat should 1000000% rock this color scheme full time right? I mean these are so awesome no matter what color scheme you go with, it almost makes too much sense. I'm not sure what the Heat's record is while rocking these but I bet it's pretty good. You combine that with how sweet the alternate court looks, if MIA really wants to be a contender this year I feel like they have to at least consider it. 

All I know is the Heat are scheduled to rock these bad boys in 22 games this season and I don't see how they finish anything lower than 22-0. I sure don't love that they'll be rocking these on January 28th against the Celts and then again on April 1st against BOS and honestly it's smart that they are choosing games against BOS/PHI/MIL/BKN/LAL/LAC/UTA to wear these. Going up against that caliber opponent you need every advantage you can get and you can't tell me opposing teams won't be distracted by how awesome the Heat look that it won't be worth like 2-6 points. That could be the difference between a win or a loss. 

So congratulations once again to the Heat. You win the alternate jersey competition of 2019-20.