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Carmelo Sets Knicks Single Game Franchise Record With 62 Points


I’ve never watched a performance like that. I mean I’ve seen big time games on Sportscenter.  Highlights of David Robinson dropping 71 to win the scoring title. Kobe putting up 81 against the Raptors. But never really watched a guy go off like that as it happened. Pretty fucking remarkable. Makes Wilt’s 100 point game seems completely impossible. Like to the point where I think the fact that there’s no footage of it means it might not have actually happened. Because Melo was shooting like 99% from the field and still finished fucking forty points from the record.

Incredible night for Carmelo. Very fitting that he passed Bernard King for the Knicks record. The same guy he’s always compared too. To be honest I think this will be everyone’s last fond memory of Carmelo as a Knick. But goddam it was impressive.