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Michael Kay And His Raging Inferiority Complex Getting Catty On Twitter


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Is there anybody more insecure than Michael Kay? Its absolutely unbelievable. You could not possibly sound more butthurt than he does here. Like don’t get me wrong, I know that myself and Bill who does the Mike Zaun videos and the Mike Francesa twitter people obviously have a weird obsession with a sports talk host. But Michael Kay getting all catty and defensive to those same weirdos is as low as it gets. Yesterday he apparently spent the entire day retweeting people who said they were excited for him to be broadcast on the YES network. Just like screaming “Look! I swear! People really do like me! Here’s some twitter proof!” And then today just stooping to the level of all the Francesa Mongos. Its not a good look, Mike. You reek of desperation when you do shit like this. The only reason you knock Francesa’s diehard fans and talk about your “mature” audience is because you know nobody out there is ever gonna care about you or your show.  Its such a pathetic defense that everyone can see right through.

And its pretty funny watching a guy call people little girls when he’s having a Twitter meltdown like a girl who just got dumped by her boyfriend. Even RG3 is embarrassed for you right now.

PS – For the record Michael, I’m a Boyz II Men kinda guy.

PPS – Your head is fucking HUGE