Barstool Classifieds: If You Know Pie Guy Please Tell Him To Email Me

So you've definitely seen this video by now. Just a legendary move across the board by this guy. So much so that I had to reach out to him because he's right in my wheelhouse. I ended up getting his number through a DM and shot him a text to which I got no response to. Then I called him a couple hours later and got no answer so I left a voicemail.

It kind of threw me for a loop because I figured a guy like this would love to hop on the podcast and talk about his experience because there's just no way that he's doing this for the love of the game, right? I suppose maybe he just saw a leftover at the tailgate and scooped it for the walk, but who knows?

All I know is that I need to know more about him. I need to hear about where he put that whipped cream canister. I need to know how many times he's been Mike Ditka for Halloween. I need to know if he prefers stuffing in the turkey or outside the turkey. I just need to know everything basically.

So if you can connect us please send an email to eddie@barstoolsports

P.S. - I kinda like this classified idea. It was a great part of the newspaper when those were popular so why should we not try to revive it in some way? Even though I guess this may be a missed connection? Regardless, look out for more of these if I see someone who needs to hop on the show.