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LeBron James Rips A Big Old Fart At A Fan Who Asked For His Autograph

Source -  LeBron and Chris Paul were leaving Mohagany Prime Steakhouse in Oklahoma City on Thursday night (one day before the Lakers played the Thunder) … when a couple of young fans spotted the stars in the parking lot.

The fans shouted out to the NBA superstars hoping to get an autograph (they were shut down) … but they got something better.

Bron — wearing sweatpants — stopped in his tracks, lifted his left leg, and blasted out an ass honk so loud, you could hear it across the parking lot.

I don’t care who you are, if you can’t laugh at a well time fart then you’re a stiff. But this? This feels disrespectful. I’m not a LeBron hater either, there’s just something about the ignoring of fans combine with the leg lift that feels wrong. At least throw your hands up to let the kids know you heard them. They were clearly waiting for you to leave that restaurant. He did it right before he got in the car too, which means the stank was still bouncing around in his pants when he got in. I guess that’s the benefit of surrounding yourself with ‘yes men’- you can literally soil yourself and not worry about anyone saying anything.

The Lakers ended up winning that game 130 -127 on LeBron’s 23/6/14 including THIS dunk.

Whether or not he used a fart to propel his way to the the rim has yet to be determined. Regardless, not a good look for BronBron.