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Kentucky Star Lynn Bowden Refuses To Say The Word Louisville, Tells Cards Fans 'Don't Jump On Our Bandwagon' #LsDown

And just like that Lynn Bowden is getting dangerously close to having Kentucky put his No. 1 in the ring of honor right this moment. I mean sure, you could argue the fact that he's one of the most versatile players in the country, he's a WR playing QB and putting up absurd rushing numbers. Those are all things that you could get into when talking about Lynn Bowden, but this is more about fucking hating Louisville. Yeah, the basketball rivalry is what everyone thinks about but these football teams despise each other too. Coaches take shots at each other publicly and through recruiting, they've all talked about it. So with rivalry week this week this is what I needed to hear. I needed Lynn Bowden to do the petty move of just flat out saying 'who' when someone mentions Louisville. I needed him to call them out twice. I needed the laugh of him calling them the Browns (fuck the Steelers though). I needed him to tell their fans they don't deserve to be Kentucky football fans. Give me all of that. 

And most importantly L's Down.